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Welcome to a new generation of skis for a new generation of skiers.

At VAN DEER we like to do things differently. Inspired by our founder and the man behind the brand, Marcel Hirscher, we believe in the power of ‘new’. In a new no-compromise approach to skiing and ski equipment. In a new way of doing business. And in a new generation of skiers.

When perfection becomes obsession magical things arise

Marcel Hirscher - Van Deer Ski

Marcel Hirscher’s story is one-of a-kind. Competing at the highest level for 15 years, he profoundly changed the world of ski racing by setting new standards with his exceptional talent, technical skills, race intelligence, training methods, and physical fitness. What really set him apart from everybody else, though, was his professional, no-compromise approach to his equipment.

Marcel’s obsession for tinkering and fiddling with things and his perfectionism often drove people mad. But his ability to translate his intuition and extraordinary feeling for both snow and gear into innovation have made him one of the most successful alpine skiers of all time.

For Marcel it has been a life-long dream to found his own ski company. So once he quit ski racing it was the logical next step because, honestly, who would know better about building awesome skis than the best skier of our time? Now he can finally pass on all his experience and expertise and do things the VAN DEER way, not just on the racecourse, but also in his new favorite playgrounds: backcountry and big mountain.

Our philosophy


Our skis are handmade in Austria, from superior materials sourced right at our doorstep. They are developed, built, tested, and tuned with the same know-how, meticulousness and obsessive drive for perfection that helped Marcel Hirscher become who he is today: the greatest alpine skier of our time.

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